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"More often than not, however, Iller Than Theirs, with its old-school-flavored, jazz and soul-splashed beats and interesting, just-your-regular-guy rhymes, hits the mark, avoiding the ridiculousness and pretension that has seemed to have overridden much of hip-hop -- both mainstream and underground -- in the early part of the 21st century, making, overall, for a pretty satisfying release." - Marisa Brown, All Music Guide

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Iller Than Theirs SCRATCH review!
Iller Than Theirs self titled debut album has received a 3.5 out of 5 star review inn SCRATCH magazine. "For fans who still like thier rap music with samples and rough edges this Brooklyn duo may do the trick."

Iller Than Theirs signed:
Embedded Music is proud to announce the newest addition to the roster, Iller Than Theirs! Their self-titled album will be arriving in fall of 2007, stay tuned.

Tone Tank wanted to be normal. He tried to live a normal life. He had moved to sunny Phoenix, Arizona. He bought a house, moved in with his girlfriend and their two dogs and they may have even had some kind of fence that may have been of the picket variety.

But the Gods of fate and the whim of the universe had other plans in store for young Tone. In the span of one month, his girlfriend left him, he lost his job, and his house burned down. Honest-to-god.

So Tone calls up his old friend Krayo. Krayo tells tone
that this must be a sign from above. The-great-what-have-you is telling you to return home to Brooklyn for you are too ILL and there is much art to be made.

Kray was busy putting the final touches on Nuclear
Family's debut EP. Junk Science had started recording "Feeding Einstein" (2005 Embedded). And Tone moved in with kray and started to record an album.

They lived in a industrial building set up as a bunker-style compound. They moved in fellow Nuk Fam members Probe & Scott Thorough. Also living with them were a few dogs, a palm tree, and a rotating cast of junkies, runnaways, and roust-abouts.
The album was produced almost entirely by N.E.M.C. He
oversaw the whole production and ran the studio. Snafu of Junk Science came by to contribute beats and do scratches. Scott Thorough also did some production and did some singing as well. Cool Calm Pete came by, kicked the dogs of the couch and kicked a few rhymes. Jah-C from The Project (Glow in the Dark Records) came through with some piff from
uptown. Masta Ace even magically appeared at one point.

And through all of this Kray & Tone Tank assembled a
statement of being. ILLER THAN THEIRS is a reaction to all things bloated & phony, boring & corporate, fancy & fashioned, and dead & robotic. It is a bar-room brawl of a record, honestly eccentric, somewhat instructional,
wildly colored and a little bit ILLER than the rest of ya'll.




Iller Than Theirs
Self- Titled
Iller Than Theirs - Iller Than Theirs

1. Razor Bumps
2. To Be ILL
3. The Same
4. It Is What It Is
5. Good People
6. After All
7. Smorg
8. Girl Song
9 . Lo-Top Sneakers
10 . Splash
11. Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Iller Than Theirs
To Be Ill - single
(out now!)
Iller Than Theirs - To Be Ill - To Be Ill

1. To Be Ill